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A clear goal or need yields direction with well-defined actions to be taken during, after and between sessions.

Coaching is based on
partnership and personal engagement within the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Code of Deontology. Personal data is kept strictly confidential.

gbcoaching suggests an introductory session in order to establish initial contact and to confirm the coaching process is the way you expect to satisfy your needs.

This first exchange of information offers the opportunity to adapt your sessions to your lifestyle or preferences.

A minimum of 4 sessions (1h30 each) is suggested to obtain results.

gbcoaching proposes 3 scheduling options:
between 4 and 8 sessions, 90 minutes each
2 or 3 sessions during a half-day
between 3 and 6 telephone sessions, 1 hour each.

The important thing is to identify a rhythm where transitions from
awareness to action take place naturally, though through constant work, during the whole process.

Techniques used are varied and aim to support you in order to
strengthen your qualities and talents, and your capacity to act successfully while staying true to your values.
The choice of technique depends on your progress, as well as how you clarify your objective.

A list of fees can be provided upon request.
For group sessions, a schedule is worked out jointly.

Each second may be
a new departure.
It’s a matter of choice. Your choice.
Indian thought